Nutrition therapy, exposures, speaking & supervision

Individual Nutrition Therapy

Care is provided in an inclusive office space and by HIPAA compliant telehealth platform. At the client’s request, sessions can be joined periodically by family members, caregivers or peers when clinically appropriate. 

What to expect:

First Session:  90 minutes
In our first session, we’ll do an assessment and I’ll ask you a ton of questions. I know that this can be overwhelming and I’ll do my best to not to let this feel intrusive. I understand that many of my clients have never told anyone about what goes on when it’s just them alone with food. Or after. I have nothing but the utmost respect for you taking the step to seek nutritional therapy, so we can make this initial session as informative as you’re able to provide as we discuss what you want out of our sessions. We’ll identify your goals and start developing a plan of how to reach them.  I assure you that whatever you disclose will be met with compassion, understanding and will be free of judgement.

Follow-up sessions:  45 minutes
Now we get to work on meeting your goals and moving you to a place of increased awareness and understanding of how to interpret and meet your body’s needs. These sessions will look different for everyone, as they’re tailored to your unique process. For some, they will include experientials (see below).  For some of you it may mean bringing in a family member to increase the awareness of your support network. We’ll keep an open dialogue about what’s working and what needs tweaking from week to week.  

Family Feeding Support

First Session: 90 minutes

Follow-up sessions 45 minutes

Caring for a family member with an eating disorder can be difficult and overwhelming, to say the least. I’m here to help caregivers plan ways to effectively meet their loved one’s needs in the least stressful ways possible.  This service is often recommended in families working through early phases of Family Based Treatment for eating disorders.

Experiential Nutrition Therapy

Times vary depending on exposure

It’s one thing to talk about the food and another to bring it into the session. Our time can be used for active support, encouragement and coaching through experiential exposures in a variety of settings: in-office, restaurant outings, grocery store visits, and more.

Speaking, Seminars & Education

Over the course of my career, I have become a seasoned and nationally recognized speaker, educator and panelist on the topics of eating disorder awareness, prevention and treatment across levels of care; body image; mindful eating, non-diet nutrition approaches, intuitive eating and general nutrition and wellness. Depending on your organization’s needs, I can develop and facilitate anything from small lectures and round-tables to large full day seminars.  

Professional Supervision

Supervision appointments: 60 minutes

If you are a registered dietitian seeking supervision of your treatment of clients with eating disorders, are stumped on a case or if you are working to obtain supervised hours from an IAEDP Approved Supervisor in order to become a Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian, please contact me to inquire on professional supervision services. Supervision can be done in office or remotely.