Treatment Focus


My certified specialty area of practice is eating disorders. I also help people exit the diet cycle, address mindless eating and plan interventions focused on behaviors, not numbers.

If you are not struggling with an eating disorder but are seeking nutritional guidance from a body positive, non-diet dietitian for concerns regarding weight or appetite, mindless or emotional eating or just seeking dietary assessment and advice from someone who will help you to find peace and balance with food in a way that honors your health both mentally and physically, I’m here to help.

I work with individuals of all ages who are seeking support. This practice is non-judgmental and inclusive. All interventions are evidence based and individualized to each client’s and family’s needs.

Team Approach for Eating Disorder Care:
Treatment of eating disorders requires collaboration of a multi-disciplinary team. Although you and I can do great work to tackle the food piece, eating disorders are ultimately not about the food. So, to most effectively treat you and ensure safety throughout the process, I need a team working alongside me to support you through your journey to recovery. To ensure this, I do ask that each client seeing me for eating disorder treatment also be under the care of a mental health professional and a medical doctor. If you don’t yet have a team, don’t worry – I can help you to identify professionals who would be a good fit. Once a team is identified, I’ll ask you to sign a release so that we can collaborate. Then, we’ll work together for you to receive the most accurate and comprehensive assessment, productive treatment plan and positive outcomes.